ASEAN for Climate Action at COP 16

Climate change

Southeast Asia and climate change The biggest and the most imminent challenge that Southeast Asia faces today is climate change. With agriculture-based economies and dependence on natural resources, and with the bulk of its populations and economic activities concentrated along…

UN Climate Negotiations in Bangkok


The ASEAN and climate change A-FAB is campaigning to influence the ASEAN to play a much bigger role in addressing climate change. In the past several years, the ASEAN has been redefining itself as a more meaningful regional and international…

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What A-FAB asks from the ASEAN

A-FAB envisions an ASEAN that is more pro-active in participating within the Group of 77 and China and in engaging the UNFCCC. It would like ASEAN to pool together and leverage with its strengths and resources towards ensuring that the…

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PRESS RELEASE: ASEAN leaders urged to act on climate change, one year after Typhoon Haiyan

TACLOBAN, 9 November 2014—A year after Typhoon Haiyan struck the country and caused massive destruction and death, an NGO coalition warned leaders gathered in Myanmar for the ASEAN Summit that things are only bound to get worse unless strong actions…

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Virtual march for #ASEANclimateaction

Southeast Asia is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, as seen in the string of disasters that have hit the region in recent years. As an organization, A-FAB encourages a strong and united action from the ASEAN on…


PRESS RELEASE: Stronger ASEAN action needed as region braces for more extreme weather

MANILA, 22 September 2014—Southeast Asia’s worst weather calamities in the last decade cost the region tens of thousands of lives and more than USD 4 billion annually[1], an NGO group revealed today. According to the coalition ASEAN For a Fair,…

Flood Documentation in Bangkok

Weathering Extremes

by Zelda Soriano, Legal and Political Advisor, Greenpeace Southeast Asia As I write this, masses of people of different nationalities and cultures are marching in New York ahead of the UN Climate Summit on September 23. Now, New York might…

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5 common misconceptions about Renewable Energy

by Johanna Fernandez Renewable energy (RE) has certainly been getting more global attention now than in past decades. There’s been a massive volume of success stories surfacing, on small- and large-scale renewable energy projects all around the world. But for…

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Vietnam: climate change report

Avoiding Pandora’s Box: ASEAN and Energy Cooperation

by Riza Bernabe, Policy and Research Coordinator, Oxfam-GROW East Asia The Greek mythology talks about Pandora’s Box, which when opened released a host of evils and tribulations upon the earth.  The recently released report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

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